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/What Is Legal in the Uk but Illegal Elsewhere

Let`s say you have to bend over and pay with your phone during a drive-in, and you`ve run your car`s engine and unlocked the handbrake, you`re technically using your phone when driving a car, and that`s illegal in the UK. 3) It is illegal to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances. This bizarre law was passed in 1986 and is part of a larger law that includes possession of salmon that have been caught, killed or landed illegally. But the way the law is written gives the impression that you might be stopped by the fishmonger on the way back. The Sailors` and Soldiers` False Characters Act of 1906 makes it illegal for a person to claim to be part of the armed forces, and the Police Act of 1996 says the same for anyone disguised as false copper. 14) Here is a law related to the pandemic: in London, it is (knowingly) illegal for a person with the plague to stop a taxi or try to take a bus. The law prohibits anyone who knows they have a reportable illness (including plague) from entering any form of public transport (taxi) without informing the driver beforehand. If you`re traveling to Australia, you`ll have to wash your mouth because there are laws against offensive language in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales, all of which are very popular tourist destinations. Swearing-in is what is called a „summary offence“ in these places, which means that if you are arrested and charged, your case could be heard by a judge or judge, not a jury. And they don`t take it lightly: in Queensland and Victoria, sentencing for offensive language could result in a prison sentence of up to six months.

F**king hell. Stirling added: „Visitors to the Uae should be aware that the judicial system does not function in the same way as in countries with mature legal systems.“ In Singapore, chewing gum is illegal. After sticky stuff caused years of maintenance problems in social housing, where people stuck it in keyholes or on elevator buttons, Singapore`s former prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, decided to ban everything together in 1992. The only exception to the rule is therapeutic, dental or nicotine chewing gum, which must be purchased from a licensed doctor or pharmacist. Fines for those caught selling unauthorized gum can go up to $100,000 or even 2 years in prison, so be careful not to pack a load of things in your luggage, otherwise you could be in hot water. It`s illegal to take public transport knowingly having the plague – we`ve all heard a lot about THIS old law this year – Credit: Pixabay In Austria and Germany, it`s illegal to glorify Hitler. A 25-year-old disguised as a German dictator was even arrested outside the house where Hitler once lived, according to News. The Library Offences Act 1898 means that it is still illegal – if you have planned to – to use your local reading room as a casino. In Singapore, it is illegal to connect to someone else`s Wi-Fi. The country`s Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act states that using someone else`s Wi-Fi network is considered a hack, and anyone caught doing so can face a fine of up to $10,000 or worse — they could face up to three years in prison.

Instagram can wait in this case. But did you know that it is illegal in itself to be drunk? Even in a pub? In America, „jaywalking“ – or the act of crossing the street when the traffic light doesn`t say you can – is a crime. True, it is considered a minor offense that is usually only dealt with by imposing a fine, but it is still illegal. The application varies from state to state, but in Massachusetts, for example, people who do Jaywalking are fined $1 for their first, second and third offenses in a given year and $2 for their fourth offense and all subsequent offenses in the year. 2) It is illegal to be drunk in the pub. According to section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872, „anyone found drunk will be found. in all authorized premises, shall be punished by a penalty“. It is also a criminal offence under the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 if the owner of an inn permits drunkenness or disorderly conduct on the premises. In addition, under the Licensing Act 2003, the sale of alcohol to a drunk person or the consumption of alcohol by a drunk person is a criminal offence. On behalf of the public service, i100.co.uk investigated other fabricated and outdated crimes that could get you into trouble.

According to section 33 of the Act: „Any driver of a Hackney car who is hired at a place other than a stand or place designated for that purpose“ commits a criminal offence for which the current maximum penalty is £200. Everyone knows that being „drunk and messy“ is against the law. You may also know that it is illegal for an innkeeper to serve you when you are drunk. The same law as above makes it illegal to beat or shake a carpet or carpet or erect clotheslines on a London street. Well, the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 describes that this childhood game is illegal. That is, when you and your friends played this game at school, you actually broke the law. Masturbation is illegal in some parts of the world and can result in fines and jail time. 7) It is illegal to impersonate a policeman or soldier, even at costume parties or on Halloween. Under the Seamen and Soldiers False Character Act 1906 and the Police Act 1996, it is illegal to claim to be a member of the armed forces or the police. If you get caught, it could give you a jail time (if you`re at a costume party, check if the arrest officer isn`t just your friend`s fancy dress mother). (13) It is illegal to order or permit a servant to stand on the bench of a window to clean or paint it.

A strange British law that can be a big shock to many is the fact that you are not allowed to be drunk in a pub. Under the Metropolitan Act of 1839, it violated the law for the „owner of a public house to authorize drunkenness on the premises.“ Under the Licensing Act 2003, it is also illegal to serve alcoholic beverages to customers who are already drunk or to buy alcohol on behalf of someone who is already drunk. This law dates back to the Mobile Phone Laws of 2003, which describe when it is illegal to touch a phone or handset while driving. So if you`re using your phone while the engine is running, you`re technically using your phone when you`re driving a car. It`s technically illegal to impersonate a soldier or policeman, even at a costume party – Credit: Pixabay Well, it`s illegal to buy outside of certain hours in Thailand. Due to the country`s „blue laws“ limiting certain activities to comply with rest periods, it is technically illegal to buy alcohol in a bar, restaurant or elsewhere outside of lunch (11am-2pm) and dinner (after 5pm). It seems like you can`t just have those famous buckets of alcohol whenever you want. Blogger and longtime resident of Thailand, Richard Barrow, also says that you can`t legally buy alcohol on Buddha Day or Election Day.

So, now you know. And taxi drivers also have a legal responsibility to ask passengers if they have smallpox or plague! The laws of the 1300s are still in force in Britain and our legal system is the product of centuries of laws that have been made, amended and repealed. 5) It is illegal to be drunk and responsible for livestock in England and Wales. And rightly so – a big cow can weigh as much, if not more, than a car. In Australia, it is technically illegal to create and share memes. (15) Under the provisions of the Prohibition and Inspections Act 1998, it is illegal to cause a nuclear explosion. This is good news for all of us. You`re supposed to be happy when you go on vacation, right? And in Milan, Italy, it seems that they are quite interested in applying this. According to an old law that has never been overturned, it is really illegal not to smile, and he is punished with a fine.

Jeez, talk about organized fun. The only people exempted from the rule, which is literally regulated by the funny police, are people in hospitals and those who attend funerals. Very well. The Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 also means that it is illegal to sing „any profane, indecent or obscene song or ballad“ in the street. Try to tell football fans. Here are 22 things you didn`t know were banned or illegal around the world. 6) It is illegal to activate your burglar alarm without first naming a key fob that can turn it off in your absence. A key holder should be able to respond within 20 minutes of the call to stop the alarm.


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